SteriLux closes new financing round

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  • Dec 11, 2019
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News & Calendar SteriLux closes new financing round

SteriLux, the Swiss medical technology startup that took the step from product development to market entry this year, announces the closing of a CHF 1.78M financing round completed in December 2019. In addition to existing investors, the cooperative ONE CREATION as well as new private investors are joining this financing round. This investment will support the launch of the first product as well as future developments.

The company has developed a device that allows the low temperature sterilization of medical devices made of all types of materials with very low energy consumption. Marc Spaltenstein, CEO of SteriLux, explains: “While the number of minimally invasive surgeries is constantly increasing, requiring increasingly complex medical devices made of thermolabile materials, sterilization units are faced with the growing complexity of sterilizing these new devices in an efficient and economical way”.

With market players offering aging technologies due to a severe lack of innovation, the young company is determined to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals approach infection control. SteriLux’s first product was launched on the market in 2019 and the first devices have been placed with opinion leaders. In parallel, SteriLux is already working on a new version of the product to be launched in 2021. The new sterilization device should offer customers the possibility to sterilize flexible endoscopes that cannot be sterilized today.

The climatic urgency and changing mores regarding waste management in hospitals is also a subject that strongly promotes the importance of new technologies such as the one proposed by SteriLux. Making it possible and economically viable to sterilize single-use instruments in order to limit the waste generated by hospitals is one of the ambitions and objectives that the startup has set itself.

About SteriLux

SteriLux SA is a Swiss company founded in 2014 that develops an innovative medical sterilization system. The technology developed by SteriLux is based on a low-temperature sterilization process that uses limited energy resources to sterilize all types of instruments and materials. SteriLux combines Swiss quality and innovation to transform the way healthcare professionals approach infection control.

About ONE CREATION Cooperative

ONE CREATION Cooperative, with its headquarters in Vevey and created on June 7, 2010, aims to promote or guarantee, through joint action, the determined economic interests of its members, by promoting applied research in the field of environmental protection and preservation of natural resources, as well as support for the development of technologies that ensure economic progress that respects nature.

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