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SteriLux was founded in 2014 with the ambition of transforming the way healthcare professionals address infection control.

From our roots at Medtronic in Neuchâtel to our current offices in Prilly, Switzerland, we are now in the exciting phase of commercialisation of our first series of products, the SterOx System. We aim to become a European leader in low-temperature sterilization equipment.

To contribute in achieving our goal we are always looking for talented and ambitious people to join our team!

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We need people that we can trust and rely on everyday even in difficult times.


Energy, determination, and taking initiatives will get you through every challenge.


Respect and transparency are essential to team work.


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  • SteriLux technology drastically changed my surgeon and endoscopist days. I can now have the assurance of working with sterile equipment. I’ve dreamt of a solution without chemicals my whole life as a vet!

    Dr. Adam Switzerland

  • SteriLux device has quickly found its place in our sterilization arsenal. The machine is efficient and easy to use. It is the ideal complement to our autoclaves to sterilize all our heat sensitive devices. We have been looking for a solution to this problem for a long time and are delighted to be equipped. The low cost of consumables makes the cycles economical and we do not hesitate to use it daily. The absence of toxic effluents with this technology is a real asset.

    Dr. Guillaumot France

  • I am very attentive to the safety of my employees and my patients, SterOx System is, without doubt, the best solution combining safety and efficiency for cold sterilization.

    Dr. Libermann France

  • The device proposed by SteriLux finally offers an effective and safe low temperature sterilization alternative to our veterinary clinics, what a relief!

    Group director France

  • The after-sales service is very present and responsive. I highly recommend SterOx Sytem!

    Dr. Proment Luxembourg

  • This chemical-free cold sterilization solution has changed the lives of our staff! Being able to reprocess all our heat-labile instruments using a controlled sterilization process is a real added value for our clinic.

    Dr. Bozon France

  • We use the SterOx System to sterilize all our instruments, including but not limited to our respiratory endoscopy equipment and our electric scalpel parts. The handling of the device is quite simple and very standardized.

    Dr. Moulin Belgium

  • A safe and efficient solution for low temperature sterilization!

    Dr. Pinto France