Designed with focus on safety and quality

This innovative ozone-based sterilization device has been specifically designed to sterilize heat- and moisture-sensitive devices and/or materials.

SterOx System

The SterOx System is composed of two elements


Plug & Play control station to closely monitor and safely validate each cycle


Robust and durable container for optimal conditioning and long-lasting sterility

Compact design
User-friendly interface
Low maintenance
RFID technology
Thermal printer

How it works

We developed a compact device easy to operate and at an affordable cost, while being environmental-friendly and safe for the user.


CHF 8 – The cost per cycle including depreciation of the device, preventive maintenance and consumables.


50 W – The average power consumption throughout the whole duration of the sterilization cycle.


5 mL – The quantity of water required for a successful sterilization cycle.


0.2 m3 – The amount of space taken up by the device combining all elements.

Help Center

If you need help using the SterOx System call us at +41 21 546 43 34 or email us at
Support is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00 (CET).


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